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How are you in front of others? Maybe you will find yourself "the guy", the one who knows everything; who can have everything due to the home that was born; is considered smart, the most beautiful, better than the others. Maybe you'll find yourself "the poor guy"; one who has difficulty learning; was not born in a home of good financial condition, goes through needs and is not considered beautiful.


What we learn from David's story is that when God looks for someone to serve him, he does not go after appearance. He does not want you to see yourself as "the guy" or "the poor guy," what matters to him is the heart, the inside, what's inside you. And you know what he wants to see? If you are obedient and sensitive to it.

The king after the heart of God, his faith, his spiritual weapons and also his weaknesses, studies for the edification of the Christian child.


Lesson 1 - I found David
Lesson 2 - David the Giants Slayer
Lesson 3 - The Pleasure of David for the Presence of God
Lesson 4 - The Weakness of David
Lesson 5 - David, Tamar's father
Lesson 6 - The Council of David

David | Digital

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